Jeff Wiebell Son Of Thomas and Barbara Wiebell Cincinnati OH

Jeff Wiebell in 2 minutes.

In 28 years of global enterprise security technology - I have seen and experienced quite a bit that has shaped who I am and all the possibilities. 

Global Citizen-  Everyday I fight for kindness, respect, equality, human safety. I do my part on a daily basis to make the world a better place in every way. 

Focused Father and Husband- my number one  role is the success of my relationship with the love of my life and life prep of our four children. 

Motivator, Trainer and Coach - success for me is the success of everyone around me. 

Technology’s Edge Driver - I love what I do and what I have accomplished in my professional career having had the privilege to learn from some of the brightest and best teams in technology. Its an incredible honor To be on the front end delivery of evolutionary technologies and integration processes. Complete cloud 9 for me.  

Revenue executive- I have experienced all levels of Revenue Management from direct sales to Fortune 70 Corporate Product Manager to Chief Revenue Officer. At every stage, what I loved most was the client accolades of my team delivery.  This drove me to deliver more and more cutting edge technology and process to all parts of the World. I far exceeded every plan and client expectation though study, understanding and persistence to deliver the best integrated system complete with a return on investment. 

Developer Philanthropist- My dream is to use social media to connect and promote the  “science of happiness” to the world. 

I designed and built an APP to raise money for school security, athletic programs and local charities connecting the donor consumer with discounts from local restaurants, retailers and services businesses. 

The APP is in web form and has been successfully tested in the market for the last few months. I am raising funding for a national launch.